What My 5-Year-Old Son Eats For Breakfast

A typical breakfast for my 5-year-old son involves 3 eggs. Take a look at the photo – look at the deep orange colour of the yolks. They’re cooked under low heat with organic butter and on a ceramic pan. He gets a nice supply of protein and fat first thing in the morning. He’ll usually have fish oil and a multivitamin, and he’ll drink 2 or 3 glasses of water.

That kid has energy all day long. He’s up early in the morning and to our dismay, he does not need to nap much anymore. Perhaps more important than his limitless supply of energy is his pleasant temperament. He’s a good kid. He listens and he’s well-behaved. Nutrition plays a key role.

Most kids have cereal in the morning. That usually means milk as well and sometimes fruit juice to wash it all down. Then they get rushed off to school and parents wonder why their children experience learning and behaviour issues and hyperactive tendencies.

If you have a “fussy eater,” try the method mentioned in The Growing Rate of Childhood Obesity to break your child out of a viscous cycle of addiction.

Remember this important point: What you put first in your child’s mouth will dictate their entire day. You can give them a high-carbohydrate breakfast and send them on a blood sugar rollercoaster ride all day long, or you can give them the proper nutrients to help them learn, think, grow and behave.

You make the money… You buy the groceries… Ultimately, you control what they eat!

Just some food for thought.

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