Do You Find Strength Workouts Boring?

Most people would agree that static stretching and aerobic training are boring. For me, these activities are like watching paint dry! I find strength training to be far more exciting, but that’s not the case for everyone. Some people find strength workouts boring and it’s not just the recreational lifter who may feel this way, athletes do too.

Here’s how I deal with “bored” clients:

As I mention in The Elite Trainer, more work can be performed after active rest compared to passive rest. During the rest interval, a diverting activity (e.g., stretching non-competing muscles) can facilitate faster recovery of the prime movers. The end result: flexibility of the muscles being stretched will improve over time, performance of the muscles being trained will improve immediately, and no more bored clients!

Bottom Line: Use “big bang” exercises, vary them on a regular basis, and insert a diverting activity between sets to keep your clients from getting bored. Remember, you’re a trainer, not an entertainer!

Hanging Garhammer Raise

Elevate your core workout with the Hanging Garhammer Raise. Great for targeting the lower abdominal region, this exercise heightens activation

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