Not Everyone Experiences The Quarantine 15

When you move less and eat more, you gain weight! That’s what happened to many people during the COVID lockdown, but not everyone experienced the dreaded “Quarantine 15”. In fact, some took advantage of the time and got in great shape!

Take 16-year-old Joseph, for example. When Stage 2 opened up in our area and personal trainers were allowed to train clients outdoors, Joseph was on board the very first day. He was consistent and worked hard training three times a week with various sandbag and kettlebell exercises. He also continued to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep.

When Stage 3 opened up and we were given the green light to train indoors again, Joseph asked for some measurements before starting the next phase of training. Below are the results of those measurements compared to the previous ones we did in January and the first ones we ever did two years ago.

July 4, 2018Jan. 3, 2020July 24, 2020
Body Weight (lb)174159132
Body Mass Index (kg/m2)31.6827.0422.72
Waist Circumference (cm)102.584.572.9
Hip Circumference (cm)10598.986.0
Subscapularis Skinfold (mm)30.415.88.2
Suprailiac Skinfold (mm)40.426.212.2
Umbilical Skinfold (mm)46.836.823.0
Sum of 10 Skinfolds (mm)281.2184.8101.8
Body Fat Percentage31.3625.1417.06

Armed For The Next Pandemic

Although many of his girth and skinfold measurements shrunk, Joseph got stronger while training outdoors. His arm strength, in particular, increased significantly! Here’s an exercise he did with a 30-lb kettlebell to help build up his arms:

Fat-bar training has been quite popular in the iron world for its ability to increase grip and overall strength in short order.

You can purchase training tools to create a wide/open grip, or use kettlebells but not in the traditional manner. Instead of using the handles, grasp the cannon part of the ‘bell and curl away. You can only perform supinated (palms up) curls with this method, but what a great feeling!

Try them standing, bent over, seated, in an incline position, on a preacher bench, in a gym, or out on the lawn. Any way you go about it, I think you’ll agree that “cannonbell curls” are a great alternative. Start doing them regularly so that if another pandemic comes along, you’ll be “armed” and ready!

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